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Who Receives Mental Health Services?

Mental Health services are primarily available for adults with a serious mental illness and children/adolescents with or "at risk" of developing a serious emotional disturbance. Contact the office for information and referral services. We also provide 24-hour crisis intervention services.

What is "Serious Mental Illness?"

Serious Mental Illness is characterized by a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder and/or a major mood disorder of long duration with intermittent periods of wellness and illness.

What is "Serious Emotional Disturbance?"

A Serious Emotional Disturbance is a functional impairment that substantially interferes with or limits and individual's role or functioning in their family, school, or community.

What Does it Cost?

Mental Health insurance policies (Medical Assistance, Medicare, private insurance, etc.) can cover some or all of the costs depending on the service received. Lycoming-Clinton MH/ID Program also pays for some services. When a service is provided that requires payment from the recipient, an individual liability form is completed. Fees are based upon income and the individual or family is aware of all costs up front. However, all services can be arranged regardless of an individual's ability to pay.

Where Do I Begin?

The Lycoming-Clinton Joinder's Assessment Unit will provide or connect you with appropriate services. Our case management staff provides ongoing support to the individual and the family. Together with our contracted provider agencies we offer a variety of general and intensive services right here in our community.

For More Information, Call us at:

  • (570) 326-7895 (Lycoming County)
  • (570) 748-2262 (Clinton County)