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Effective Wednesday March 21st 2012, Lycoming-Clinton Mental Health/Mental Retardation has changed its name to Lycoming-Clinton Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities

Welcome to the Homepage of the Lycoming-Clinton Joinder. The Lycoming-Clinton Joinder is comprised of two Agencies: the Lycoming-Clinton Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Program, and Lycoming Children and Youth Services. Both of these Agencies are under the auspices of the Lycoming-Clinton Joinder Board which is comprised of the Commissioners from Lycoming and Clinton Counties. The MH/ID Program is mandated by the State to provide a variety of services to individuals with mental illness or intellectual disabilities from Lycoming and Clinton Counties. The CYS Agency is mandated by the State to guarantee the health, safety, welfare, and social growth of children and youth in Lycoming County.

On this site you will find information about both of our Agencies and the services we offer. There are links to other sites we think might be of interest to you and information on how to contact us if you are in need of our services.

Mission Statement
We believe that individuals and their families have within their own power the ability to adapt and to deal with life's inevitable stresses and difficulties.

The mission with which we are charged is to cultivate those adaptive skills in order to empower individuals and families in their community.

We further believe that services which may be needed must be provided in a manner and setting which respects human dignity.